Stair lifts by Rampco

The Sterling 950 has been designed to be both easy on the eye and the purse. It's loaded with features and benefits usually found on stair lifts and wheelchair lifts costing significantly more. A large, comfortable swivel seat will transport you safely on your stairs and no matter where you park the lift, the constant charging feature means it is always ready for the next journey. The slim aluminum track takes up minimal room on the stairs and its folded dimensions leave you with plenty of space when not in use. The clever diagnostic display also alerts you to any issues, making it quicker and easer to resolve many problems without the need for further assistance.

  • Folds up to a slim 11 ¼" leaving plenty of space on your stairs.
  • All Sterling 950 home stair lifts come with an easy to use remote control as standard.
  • The discrete switch allows you to disable the Sterling 950 for safety or security reasons.
  • Weight capacity 308 lbs.
The Sterling 1000 provides all the standard features of the Sterling 950, but with additional options. A power swivel or power footrest are available along with choices of seat and colors. The outdoor fully waterproofed option is designed to overcome the problems caused by external straight runs of stairs.
  • Outdoor/weatherproof option.
  • Available with manual or powered hinged tracks.
  • Perch or space saver seat option for space/height requirements or where limited flexibility is an issue.
The Sterling 2000 Curvy is designed to be comfortable, easy to use and look discreet in your home. No other curved track available can be fitted closer to the wall and leave so much free space on your stairs. This system has enabled the Sterling 2000 Curvy to offer the tightest inside turns available in the industry. The Sterling 2000 Curvy will fit the most complex and ornate stairways, ensuring you can remain mobile in the home you love.
  • Sterling 2000 Curvy track systems are tailored to your individual staircase, ensuring the best possible fit.
  • Sterling 2000 Curvy can be combined with the powered automatic hinge solution for maximum clearance at base of stairs.
  • Powered folding footplates, or seat swivelers are optional.
  • A selection of seat or rail colors is available.
  • Weight capacity 308 lbs.
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All Sterling and Sterling 2000 Curvy home and wheelchair stair lifts come with a lifetime motor and gearbox warranty and two years warranty on all other parts.

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